OMURA is almost a sixty years journey for two hearts roaming thousands of roads, and finally converging at the end of 2015 in the virtual space of the global network.

OMURA is the last and the only bullet, that simultaneously came out of two barrels, struck straight to the hearts of two people and frozen them forever in their music.

OMURA is not only the rarest whale on the planet, it is also a duet of Evgeny Teilor and Alina Ibragimova-Granovskaya: musicians, karmic brothers, the inhabitants of the four oceans.

The unique collaboration between Alina and Evgeny is based not on the "physical", but on the "virtual" conceptions - musicians have never met in real life. They are divided by thousands of kilometers, time and climate zones, which definitely affects the character of their music. Drawling orchestral sketches, timeless electronic phantasmagorias, sensual female basics and the metaphysics of masculinity became the foundation for their unique, controversial but still solid sound.

While working on the debut album "The Whale's Bay", Alina and Evgeny were in different parts of Earth. They were writing track by track in hope to meet each other before the end of the mastering process. This never happened. Tight emotional bond allowed them to successfully work on the album without even meeting face-to-face.

Absolute freedom, non-stop experiment and no boundaries for music and lyrics - these were the only rules that Alina and Evgeny set before starting their work. This is why "The Whale's Bay" album is so diverse and divided

Despite the main theme "back to the roots, searching for an origin and genuine place of birth", the album contains a huge layer of thoughts and reflections on things that bothered both musicians throughout their lives.

This album tells the truth about the people, who stuck in the wrong time in the wrong place. From hysteria to the peace, from fighting to acceptance, from beginning to end.

Alina Ibragimovа-Granovskaya Vocal, lyrics.

Was born on the 10-th of August 1987, in the European part of Russia in a family where the word MUSIC was pronounced with much tremble. She started singing before she could even talk. From the age of 4, she began playing the violin.

After getting a conservative musical education, at the age of 14, she starts experimenting with genres and tries to write her first music pieces. Up to 28 years old, she could not decide on what path to choose - writing or music. In those years of "self-determination", she finished university on a speciality of "journalism", obtained an additional education on the faculty of German and Roman Philology for the course "Interpreter of English in the professional sphere".

After a few years of working on the received education, she got disappointed at journalism and changed her activities into doing PR. She spent the year of 2012 taking a screenwriter course in Los Angeles, where she also wrote her first book, published in early 2013, in Russia. In her 28, ceasing to doubt her true purpose and completing all initiated PR projects, she returns to the music.

Alina Ibragimovа-Granovskaya photo
Alina Ibragimovа-Granovskaya photo
Alina Ibragimovа-Granovskaya photo
Alina Ibragimovа-Granovskaya photo

Evgeny Teilor Composer, sound designer, multi-instrumentalist.

Evgeny was born and raised in the middle of Siberia - the land of severe climate and openhearted people. He is the only child in the family of two Soviet engineers. His mother was a Pink Floyd fan and she put little Evgeny to sleep under the accompaniment of "Shine on you crazy diamond".

At the age of 6 Evgeny goes in for swimming and spends 12 years of his life trying to become a professional sportsman, but when he turns 18 he decides to change his path and try himself in the field of music. He knows nothing about how to write or play music, but he is young and passionate, so he creates a garage band. He spends next 10 years learning, practicing, studying and experimenting with instruments, styles, and genres.

During this years he graduates from a University, works as a salesman, stage-hands, yardman, sound engineer, loader, courier…but in 2015 he meets Alina and decides to concentrate on music.

Evgeny Teilor photo
Evgeny Teilor photo


Album $ 4.99
Why me? 3:41 0.99$
Pure Lie 3:15 0.99$




Pure Lie (ost Trust Me): Official Teaser

OMURA made 13-minutes mix for London Fashion Week's show

OMURA made 13-minutes mix for one of the London Fashion Week's show.


The second OMURA's single "PURE LIE" (ost Trust me) is on the network.


"WHY ME?" on I-tunes with the Warner Music Russia support.

Collaborations with the dancers

New collaborations with the dancers. "Beyond the Trees" on "Танцы на ТНТ".

Omura presents the FIRST SINGLE

Omura presents the FIRST SINGLE "Why Me?" in the popular russian TV SHOW "Танцы на ТНТ".